Buenaventura IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Steve Johnson

Position:  Treasurer*, Chapter Ambassador, and Webmaster

Under the Treasurer’s function, Steve manages all financial matters relating to the chapter. This includes having been approved by the bank and IEEE to sign the chapter checkbook, managing the interactions with the bank, providing periodic financial updates to the officers’ team, accepting donation, disbursing payments, and issuing reimbursement checks to speakers for their mileage and to officers for their expenses. This financial responsibility also covers the filing of the annual L50 report to IEEE. As the Chapter Ambassador, Steve is the primary representative of the chapter at conferences and other local, national, or international events. Steve is also responsible for the creation and management of the EMBS chapter website, and the chapter event flyers. Through the design of the website and flyers, Steve manages the brand, look and feel identity of the chapter.

Background: Steve is an IEEE Sr. Member working at Amgen and is managing the IS services for Amgen's Pricing and Reimbursement group. He makes use of his experience and knowledge of the regulatory world to develop workable, compliant strategies for pharmaceutical applications. Steve is a past chair of the EMBS chapter, past member of the IEEE EMB Advisory Committee (2009-2011), and is active at the Section level as well. Steve is an active volunteer in technical and arts organizations in the Buenaventura area and handles marketing and promotions for many of these organizations.

Bob Rumer - Chapter Chair
Sherrisse Hughes - Chapter Vice Chair
Steve Johnson - Treasurer, Chapter Ambassador, and Webmaster
Pat Jacobs - Secretary and Chapter Corporate & Members Relations Officer
William Hsu - Officer
Ryan Neimy - Academic and Industry Alliances Officer and Pre-Show Production Officer
Evan Cohen - Mentorship Program Officer and Speaker Introducer
Joel Harris - Speaker Liaison and Awards Officer
Reza Firoozabadi - Program Officer
Nathalie Gosset, Vineet Sarin, - Chapter Advisory Board

* requires both an EMBS and IEEE membership, 3 of the 4 positions must be filled each year

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