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Bob Rumer

Position:   Chapter Chair*

As the Chapter Chair, Bob leads the team of chapter officers. The responsibilities of the Chapter Chair include leading the team to 1) set plans for upcoming seasons and 2) to execute the plans. Bob is the interface to the IEEE and EMBS officials. Bob ensures that the chapter has monthly or bi-monthly officers meetings to facilitate the operations of the chapter. Bob is the Emcee of the monthly events at 7 pm and welcomes the audience members as well as introduces the officers’ team.

Background: Bob is an instructor at the California Lutheran University, and is the former president of La Reina High School, a nationally-recognized college preparatory parochial school for girls in Thousand Oaks. Bob was also Vice President of Vitesse Semiconductor. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at CLU, Bob has great industry contacts in Southern California. He is also in a unique position to influence the lives and encourage the careers of the young women at La Reina.

Bob Rumer - Chapter Chair
Sherrisse Hughes - Chapter Vice Chair
Steve Johnson - Treasurer, Chapter Ambassador, and Webmaster
Pat Jacobs - Secretary and Chapter Corporate & Members Relations Officer
William Hsu - Officer
Ryan Neimy - Academic and Industry Alliances Officer and Pre-Show Production Officer
Evan Cohen - Mentorship Program Officer and Speaker Introducer
Joel Harris - Speaker Liaison and Awards Officer
Reza Firoozabadi - Program Officer
Nathalie Gosset, Vineet Sarin, - Chapter Advisory Board

* requires both an EMBS and IEEE membership, 3 of the 4 positions must be filled each year

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