Buenaventura IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Pat Jacobs

Position: Secretary* and Chapter Corporate & Members Relations Officer

As the Chapter Secretary, Pat collects the list of attendees at each event. Pat also works with Abby to file the L31 each month to record the speaker event as well as the officers meeting if there is one. Pat manages the communications with the IEEE members and the extended list of past guests to our events informing them of upcoming events. Pat continues to enter the names of new visitors into our distribution list. Pat triggers the emailing of announcements multiple times a month. Pat is also responsible for further developing relationships with the corporations represented by the guest speakers and manages the post-event communications including follow up with the speakers to provide feedback from the audience and officers, ensuring that the speaker had a good experience, and exploring if there are additional ways that the Chapter or the officers can be of service to the speaker.

Background: is the President and CEO of Advanced Personnel Profiles. She is an Executive Recruiter providing leadership to human resources teams in the Biomedical Device and Biotech industries. Pat has an impressive Rolodex in the biomedical field and the local community. Pat is an active volunteer on many Boards of Directors in the Buenaventura area and is connected to local officials and executives. Pat has been instrumental in implementing services for professional development and student development for the chapter. Her connections to the press have helped spread the word about the speaker events.

Bob Rumer - Chapter Chair
Sherrisse Hughes - Chapter Vice Chair
Steve Johnson - Treasurer, Chapter Ambassador, and Webmaster
Pat Jacobs - Secretary and Chapter Corporate & Members Relations Officer
William Hsu - Officer
Ryan Neimy - Academic and Industry Alliances Officer and Pre-Show Production Officer
Evan Cohen - Mentorship Program Officer and Speaker Introducer
Joel Harris - Speaker Liaison and Awards Officer
Reza Firoozabadi - Program Officer
Nathalie Gosset, Vineet Sarin, - Chapter Advisory Board

* requires both an EMBS and IEEE membership, 3 of the 4 positions must be filled each year

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