Buenaventura IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Joel Harris

Position: Awards Officer

The awards officer designs specific IEEE EMBS Chapter awards for either the fall of 2014 or for spring of 2015 with inputs from co-officers to recognize:

  • One corporation in the Ventura County for corporate traits that are worthy to be recognized.
  • One high school and one college/university in Ventura County that deserves to be recognized.


This role includes choosing the theme of the award, setting criteria for selection, evaluating possible candidates and selecting the recipient for each awards. The awards officer has the pleasure to give the awards to the recipient at some of the IEEE events arranged in the area.


Background:   Joel Harris is an entrepreneur and engineering educator, expert in aerospace and defense systems and electronics engineering. Joel is passionate about mathematics, and how it is the bedrock of so many things we take for granted today. His business background coupled with his engineering work experience has given him a unique skill set to solve programmatic challenges. Joel has been a regular to the EMBS events. Joel is an IEEE EMBS member. Joel has extensive volunteer experience as officer, committee member and board member in other local technical associations and bring a wealth of experience to this chapter.

Bob Rumer - Chapter Chair
Sherrisse Hughes - Chapter Vice Chair
Steve Johnson - Treasurer, Chapter Ambassador, and Webmaster
Pat Jacobs - Secretary and Chapter Corporate & Members Relations Officer
William Hsu - Officer
Ryan Neimy - Academic and Industry Alliances Officer and Pre-Show Production Officer
Evan Cohen - Mentorship Program Officer and Speaker Introducer
Joel Harris - Speaker Liaison and Awards Officer
Reza Firoozabadi - Program Officer
Nathalie Gosset, Vineet Sarin, - Chapter Advisory Board
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